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What motivates people like Tony Nicklin to cycle, along with some friends, all the way from London, England, to Valencia in Spain in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation? Read his inspiring story, and those of many others and dream up your special way of supporting prostate cancer awareness.

DSC_0008Kim McInally – Taranki – Around the Mountain

If there’s one thing in life I thought I would never have to worry about, it’s Prostate Cancer. I was wrong. My Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2010. Thanks to an early diagnosis and successful surgery, my Dad is a prostate cancer survivor. He’s one of the lucky ones. Prostate cancer is the third biggest killer of men of all cancers (behind lung and bowel cancers).
In honour of my Dad and all the amazing men in my life (my wonderful husband Wayne, my brother Rhys, uncles, cousins, in-laws and friends) I’m running a 100 mile (166km) race around beautiful Mt Taranaki for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. It’s a great charity – the money raised will be used to support men currently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer plus fund research into the disease. So please sponsor me now! Many thanks for your support. Raised over $3,420 Source:

Corys SMT RunCorys Electrical – Senior Management Team – 24 Hour Run-A-Thon

Thanks to Corys who are one of our corporate supporters of Blue September, they do a great job every year in raising awareness and funds for the foundation. Well done on the 24 hour Run-A-Thon this year.
Raised $10,000.

Prostate Fundraiser

Great Grape Ride – 2000km London to Valencia

A cunning plan was hatched nearly 7 years ago whilst sitting with my long time friend Simon on a bench in Richmond Park London. I was on holiday with Ann, my wife, apprehensively preparing ourselves for my scheduled radical prostectomy surgery and whatever laid ahead….Read full story
Raised over $14,000.

karen 3Karen Greenwood – Adidas Auckland Marathon

My Dad died of Prostate Cancer 5 years ago. So this year in memory of Dad I’m running the Auckland half marathon in support of Prostate Cancer. It’s a great charity – the money raised will be used to support men currently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer plus also research into the disease.

I’m definitely not a natural runner so this is hard work for me. I have been training all year for this, so would appreciate your support.


Raised over $700.