Questions to ask your specialist

A prostate cancer diagnosis can leave you anxious and confused, likely with more questions than answers. Being prepared with questions and thoughts can help guide conversations with your specialist or doctor, help you make informed decisions about what to do next, and choose the best pathway for you.

We’ve listed some of the most commonly asked questions below, which you will find in more detail in the Questions To Ask Your Specialist booklet which you can download and print. Just click on the image. If you would like to talk things through with our Information Service Specialist please call 0800 660 800 or email

Here are our key questions to ask your specialist: 

  1. Do I have prostate cancer and is it treatable?  
  2. What is the best treatment option for me? 
  3. What are the chances the treatment will work?
  4. How long will my treatment take? 
  5. Are there any side effects to this treatment? 
  6. What should I do to prepare for treatment? 
  7. What happens following treatment?
  8. At any point in time, who is my day-to-day contact? 
  9. Where can I get support and information? 
  10. What happens if my cancer comes back? 

A quide to help you make informed choices about your health. Print-friendly PDF.