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Rise in Level of PSA Indicates Different Things in Different Individuals

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According to doctors, PSA tests after the treatment of prostate cancer is a must as the PSA indicates a lot of things in men after and before cancer detection. PSA stands for prostate specific antigen, and this test should be a regular routine for the men over the age of 40, even if no cancer has been detected in their body. However, the PSA tests after prostatectomy an essentiality, as different measures of PSA mean different for every patient or individual.

The predictable result after a prostatectomy is an undetectable PSA level or a zero PSA. The increase of PSA can indicate different things in different people. In some cases this could also indicate a recurrence of cancer. About 20% to 30% of men have PSA recurrences after five years of initial prostate cancer treatment, this can happen in both cases namely in surgical intervention or radiation treatment. The level of PSA should be zero after the treatment of prostate cancer and recurrence in some patients can mean either recurrence or persistence of cancer.

PSA persistence refers to a situation where there is detection of a PSA higher than zero, within the first three months after prostatectomy. Whereas in the other case the distinction is that the PSA has not recurred, but has rather persisted after surgery.