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The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand involved with CANGO

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The Prostate Foundation of New Zealand is pleased to be involved with CANGO and fully supports the recent publication of their Manifesto “Addressing the New Zealand Cancer Burden”. In a country where 1 in 10 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime, where 3000 men are diagnosed and 600 die each year from prostate cancer, there is much more that can be done to promote awareness and early detection that will in turn save lives and significant health costs.


We congratulate the present Minister of Health for his initiative in establishing the Prostate Cancer Working Group and funding that with $4.3m over the next 3 years. We strongly encourage future governments to continue this work as it will play a vital role in improving the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in New Zealand men. We call on the next New Zealand Government to continue the work begun by the Health Select Committee and the Prostate Cancer Taskforce and to support the recommendations of the National Prostate Cancer Working Group.


We ask that future Governments:

  • Prioritize and implement the Prostate Cancer Awareness and Quality Improvement programme (AQIP)
  • Provide ongoing support for the National Prostate Cancer Working Group
    • Provide information resources to promote awareness of prostate cancer
  • Develop a decision tool, national standards and guidelines for GPs to assist in the  diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer patients

To view the CANGO Manifesto click here