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The debate continues…

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There has been a resurgence of debate around inequalities in the testing for, and treatment of, prostate cancer. While there have been some significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer over the years, the inequalities continue.

In Saturday’s New Zealand Herald Simon Wilson questions if ‘ignorance is bliss’ is the official cancer policy. “So why don’t we do the tests and have the conversation,” he asks. He also quotes figures from the Health Research Council, that for every dollar we spend researching women’s health, only six cents is spent researching men’s. Click here to read the full story

Newstalk ZB’s Andrew Dickens continued the debate “Do it. Spend on it. Currently, men are in a cone of silence that actually resembles stupidity. The squeaky wheel gets the oil and it’s time for men to squeak,” he says. Click here to listen to his editorial