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TENA and PCFNZ unite to help NZ men tackle incontinence

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Incontinence. It’s one of the most common, but highly stigmatised, health concerns among New Zealand men and now the focus of a new partnership between TENA, leaders in incontinence products, and Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand (PCFNZ).

The new, three-year partnership between TENA and PCFNZ will provide tangible support to those inflicted with incontinence post prostate cancer surgery.

TENA Marketing Manager, Mishael Raban, said the initiative, which brings together prostate cancer patients and their families with clinicians and health professionals, would make a difference for thousands of New Zealand men by providing information and support, and enabling the conversations that, to date, have been taboo.

“About 1 in 8 New Zealand men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Of those who go on to have surgery, the majority will experience short term incontinence whilst over 30% will suffer from long term incontinence.”

“It’s a major health concern that has a significant impact on the wellbeing, social connectedness and workforce participation of those affected.”

PCFNZ CEO Graeme Woodside said world-leading products and support needed to be made more available to men.

“Every year, over 3,000 New Zealand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many men experience incontinence without realising there are options for treatment and management.”

“The new partnership will bring incontinence out of the shadows and raise community awareness to help break down the stigma that drives many men to suffer in silence. It also aims to empower NZ men by equipping them with the knowledge and means to confidently manager the issue.”