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Medicinal Cannabis Research – Participants Invited

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Dr Karen Oldfield is a PhD candidate at the Victoria University of Wellington and a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand who is looking at the use of cannabis as a medicine in NZ.  If you are interested in helping with this research, please continue reading below.

“Medical cannabis is a topical subject!  As part of my PhD research, I am seeking NZ residents over the age of 18 with an oncology/cancer diagnosis to take part in a 5-10 minute online survey about their thoughts about the use of cannabis as medicine.  For further information, you can find the participant information sheet here . If you are keen to take part, please find the survey at the following link: for taking the time to consider participating in this research!” – Karen Oldfield

Disclaimer: The Prostate Cancer Foundation is not funding and has no direct involvement in this study.