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Tomatoes turning Blue this September

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Not only are tomatoes a great part of any healthy diet, they are set to make an important impact as part of the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s annual awareness and fundraising campaign – Blue September.

New Zealand owned and Drury-based company NZ Hothouse has stepped up again this year to support the Blue September campaign.

NZ Hothouse has been growing tomatoes in Drury for 36 years. This has meant they have the means and knowledge to grow high standard tomatoes. Their glasshouses are controlled and monitored environments that ensure consistently grown quality produce for our local supermarkets.

Prostate cancer Foundation Chief Executive Graeme Woodside says, “we value the support we get from NZ Hothouse for Blue September. This is a clever way to not only raise funds for a worthy cause, but also raise awareness about the importance of early detection”.

“Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand men – 1 in 8 men will develop this cancer during their lifetime and over 600 NZ men die each year from this disease”.

“Blue September is about raising awareness and encouraging men over 50 to get regular checks. This is as easy as seeing your GP to get a PSA blood test,” says Graeme.

NZ Hothouse is proud to support The Prostate Cancer Foundation, continuing to push the important message during Blue September. This Blue September, NZ Hothouse will donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for every pack of Heirloom Truss and Heirloom Cherry Truss tomatoes sold at Countdown Supermarkets. The Heirloom Cherry truss can be also found inside 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.

NZ Hothouse has a very close relationship to KPH Transport, who is also supporting Blue September by displaying large blue ribbons on the front of each truck—helping to raise funds and awareness for the foundation.

NZ Hothouse continues to push the message that tomatoes are a valuable part of any diet. They are full of antioxidants and lycopene, widely known for their health benefits.

Please do your part this Blue September, whether it be by getting a check-up or making a donation. Thanks to everyone who is giving their support.

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