The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand – Te Kāhui Mate Pukupuku Repe Tātea o Aotearoa – Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading men’s cancer charity. Our Vision is to significantly reduce and ultimately end suffering and death from prostate cancer, by providing support and education, funding research and advocating to reduce the impacts of the disease.


The Foundation plays a vital role in raising awareness of prostate cancer. Around 4000 New Zealand men are diagnosed each year and with early detection leading to better outcomes, it is essential that men are aware of the signs of potential disease and the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) that is available from their doctor. Each year Blue September focuses on prostate cancer awareness. We actively encourage businesses and community groups to join in with their own promotional activities as part of this fundraising campaign.


A growing national support network of over 45 support networks provide valuable support and resources to men and their families living with prostate cancer. These groups are coordinated by trained volunteers (many with their own lived experience of the disease) and meet monthly or bi-monthly.

Our Information Service 0800 660 800 is available to anyone with non-medical questions  and concerns related to prostate cancer. These calls are answered by a trained specialist. Free professional counselling is also available for those experiencing emotional distress as a result of a prostate cancer diagnosis. For those experiencing hardship related to treatment, the Welfare Grants Fund is available, to assist with expenses relating to transport and accommodation, counselling and specialised services or equipment. Find out more in our Support section.


One of the main goals of the Foundation is to not only educate people about prostate cancer but be the voice of the more than 42,000 men living with the disease in New Zealand. We know that those diagnosed with prostate cancer have special needs. We know because “we have been there”!

Men with prostate cancer have to make vitally important decisions about types of treatment. They may also have to make important choices and adjustments to enjoy a full life. To do this they need relevant and current information to help them make the decision that is best for them. It is not our role to give  medical advice, but we will provide the most appropriate information available.

There are many different treatments for prostate disease and people need information about their choices so they can make decisions that are best for them. Our role is to help those recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and survivors of prostate cancer, to lead productive and full lives through shared counseling and discussions.


The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a proud history of supporting innovative research projects that seek to improve clinical outcomes, further our knowledge of prostate or testicular cancer, inform approaches to high quality support for those affected and assist us to advocate towards eliminating death and suffering from prostate and testicular cancer in Aotearoa New Zealand. With the generous support of caring kiwis who share our vision, we have been able to find and support projects that have made a vital difference to the way men are diagnosed, treated and supported through their experience of prostate cancer in Aotearoa.

For further details head to Research page.