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Prostate cancer detection dogs

German Shepherds Frieda and Levi are undergoing training under K9 Medical Detection (K9MD) programme’s efforts in canine cancer detection. Read the full article at  

CANGO Position Statement: Rapid access to cancer medicines in New Zealand

Introduction CANGO (the alliance of Cancer Non-Governmental Organisations) has adopted a position on improving the access to new cancer medicines and treatments in New Zealand. We call on this Government to urgently consider and implement changes for reasons of equity, evidence and deep concerns about the systemic underfunding of more effective cancer treatments. In our…

Relationship Study in Prostate Cancer Patients

Having a supportive partner can benefit cancer survivorship, but single men with prostate cancer may face challenges in initiating a new relationship. Dr Erik Wibowo, Lecturer, Dept. of Anatomy, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Otago, is conducting a study which aims to identify factors that may enable or prevent men from initiating new relationships following diagnosis….

While a number of prostate cancer patients in New Zealand are given MRI scans as part of their diagnostic process, this is limited by both the availability of the high quality technology required, particularly in regional centres, and the limited access to MRI scanners in the public health system. Clearly this new Guidance issued by…