Become a Support Group Volunteer

Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ (PCFNZ) provides vital support to thousands of men, their families and carers, affected by a diagnosis of prostate cancer around Aotearoa New Zealand every year.

We have 45 Support Groups around the country, some meeting monthly, others bi-monthly or quarterly.

Do you think you could help us deliver this vital and valuable service by becoming a PCFNZ Support Volunteer? 

We are looking for some great people who have a little time to spare each month and a desire to help people who are faced with a daunting challenge. A basic knowledge of our health system and of the challenges people face when affected by health issues is desirable, but most of the skills and knowledge you need can be passed to you through our training.

The groups all follow a similar routine designed to meet the needs of those in the community affected by prostate cancer. In a support group cycle , there is typically an information evening and a daytime catchup in an informal setting such as a cafe. Some groups also provide an additional opportunity for just the spouses and partners of prostate cancer patients to meet up to support each other with their unique needs.

Contrary to what you might think, these meetings are almost always uplifting and inspiring; a diverse community of kiwis coming together to provide support and to give hope to others at a difficult time.

None of this would be possible without the help of scores of fantastic volunteers around the country. They constitute an amazing community themselves, that often become friends for life. They coordinate and facilitate, and in doing so, make an incredible difference to others.

The Foundation provides full support to volunteers, including communications, logistics, training, networking and financial support to enable the sessions to be fulfilling and valuable.

Do you think you could help us? All it takes is a compassionate heart, a love of people, some simple organisational skills and a few hours each month. The difference you will make is amazing!

Please contact us by emailing Support & Education Manager Raewyn Paviour, at with your contact information and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss being a Support Group Volunteer . There’s no obligation, this is just to let us know that you’re interested and would like to have a chat. We really look forward to hearing from you.