Confitex Underwear


Introducing…Confitex for Men
new and improved absorbent leakproof underwear
exclusive to Prostate Cancer Foundation members
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Confitex for Men Trunks are designed to look and feel just like ordinary underwear, featuring no external branding or print on the waistband, so you can get changed at the gym with no-one the wiser. They’re made from an extremely soft, light premium-quality fabric to minimise tell-tale seams or lines and ensure breathability and comfort.

What sets them apart is a moulded pouch lined with Confitex’s patented hyper-absorbent, leakproof textile. It’s quick-wicking lining draws moisture away from the skin, keeping you fresh, dry and hygienic, while an inner absorbent layer offers superior liquid retention (they’ve got the lab tests to prove it – click here to read them). This is topped off with a waterproof outer layer that contains no plastics, so it won’t scrunch and rustle when you move. Read more about Confitex’s revolutionary textile technology on their blog.

Available in two absorbencies:

  1. Confitex for Men Trunks with Everyday Absorbency provides comfort and confidence to men dealing with life’s little drips and dribbles. Available in iron grey with a contrasting black waistband, they’re recommended for men experiencing minor bladder leaks throughout the day, when exercising or during exertion.
  2. Confitex for Men Trunks with Extra Absorbency offer the ultimate in discretion, comfort and security. Available in black with a contrasting iron grey waistband, these discreet incontinence underwear are recommended for men living with light to moderate bladder leakage.

What do other men say? 

“I received the new underwear today. They are awesome! They are so good I would like to purchase more. I wore them out walking tonight and forgot I had them on – they are fantastic. PS the colour isn’t grey like the website states – it’s charcoal. You should change the colour description of the website to say charcoal. Grey is boring!” Repeat Confitex for Men buyer Tem

“After my surgery I had to use pads and I was embarrassed every time I had to creep out late at night to put my rubbish out. Then I found Confitex absorbent underwear and it has helped me to get back to my everyday life. I no longer have to worry about any unpleasant accidents, I can wear my regular clothes and feel safe.” Confitex customer Paul 

“I have found them most comfortable. Not having a centre front seam allowed me to wear them under my Lycra walking strides. The sheerness of the cloth kept me cool, and I felt very secure even when I did have a leakage. They are the bee’s knees when it comes to keeping one dry. I was most impressed. A great product, well worth the cost.” Confitex for Men return purchaser Kevin 

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