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Ministry of Health Guidelines

New Zealand Ministry of health prostate cancer guidelines

The Ministry of Health provides guidelines to help GPs and men, along with their family and whānau with consistent, culturally appropiate information on prostate cancer testing and treatment.

 Prostate Cancer and Diet

Prostate Cancer and Diet

Prostate Cancer and Diet is a very helpful resource at the School of Medical Sciences, University of Auckland website. It contains Prostate Cancer and Diet fact sheets, an extensive recipe collection for the Modified Mediterranean Diet, and numerous publications on nutrition and exercise for men with prostate cancer.

Identifying and Understanding Prostate Cancer

Identifying Prostate Cancer

The process of diagnosis and the terminology involved can be a little overwhelming at first. These resources will help you better understand what symptoms to look out for, how a diagnosis is made and what some of the medical terminology means.

Treating Prostate Cancer

Treating Prostate Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to treatment. Your medical practitioner will discuss the options that are best for you and these resources can help you better understand those options.

Living with Prostate Cancer

Living with Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer will create a lot of change in your life. These resources are here to help you manage the new challenges you and your loved ones may face.

Conference and Forum Videos


View the recorded presentations from our National Conferences and Patient Forums.





Information Videos in Other Languages

The Prostate Cancer Foundation teamed up with the I Am He(r) Charitable Trust to produce a series of informational videos in a variety of languages.