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Prostate Cancer Management and Referral Guideline, September 2015 – Click here to view the Guidelines

Faster Cancer Treatment Targets

The Ministry of Health is working with the health sector to ensure patients have timely access to appointments, tests which detect cancer and cancer treatment. This programme sets out 2 targets that patients should be aware of when they are progressing through their diagnosis and treatment pathway. Not all DHBs are meeting these targets and patients should feel free to seek explanations for any delay in their own treatment if it falls outside these targets.

Measuring and monitoring faster cancer treatment – Link

New guidance for prostate cancer care

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says new clinical guidance will help reduce the harm caused by unnecessary treatments for men with low-risk prostate cancer.

  • “Delivering better cancer services is a priority for the Government. We are working hard to ensure patients receive faster access to cancer treatment,” says Dr Coleman.
    The new clinical guidance released today focuses on the use of active surveillance to manage men with low-risk prostate cancer.
  • “We know that prostate cancer often has a slow rate of growth for many men. This means it could be a long time before treatment is advised,” says Dr Coleman.
  • “Men who are on active surveillance are closely monitored through an individualised care plan which includes regular tests, scans and biopsies.
  • “This means their urologist can determine whether the cancer is progressing and if treatment should be introduced.
  • “The new guidance will help standardise care across the country as it sets out who should be considered for active surveillance, and when they should move to other management options.
  • “We want to support men with low-risk prostate cancer to live healthy independent lives and avoid the harm caused by unnecessary treatments.”

The new guidance has been developed by the Ministry of Health and the Prostate Cancer Working Group. This group includes specialists, researchers and patient advocates. A copy is available here.

The Ministry of Health has recently published two brochures with information about getting checked, and the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. They are being distributed to medical centres nationwide and are also available here, click the image below to read or order your copy.

Further information for men can be found in the Ministry’s Your Health section, click here

Now available is the sign language option, click here


Ministry of Health Satistics

Prostate Cancer Registrations:

  • 2011   –  3023
  • 2012* –  3125
  • 2013   –  3136
Published online: 17 September 2014 – *2012 and 2013 cancer data is provisional and subject to change.


”A New Zealand Layman’s Perspective on Prostate Cancer”
A presentation given by PCFNZ President Mark von Dadelszen at the Tolmar Uro-Oncology Symposium 2015 held in Sydney on June 2015.

Prostate Cancer – Patient Guide 

This Guide, from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) U.S.A. is a consolidation of information about contemporary prostate cancer research, treatment and lifestyle factors. Please note however, that not all treatments, medicines and procedures mentioned in the Guide are available in New Zealand. Source: Prostate Cancer Foundation