Organise an event

From sizzling sausages to running a marathon, hosting a blue ball or hitting a hole in one, we’re amazed at the variety, creativity and dedication  people who organise events and fundraisers to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation. We greatly appreciate the support they provide and the effort that goes into organising them.

Being part of a fundraising event is great fun, especially when it involves a group working together in the community for a common goal. Get together with friends, family or work colleagues and form a fundraising group and come up with your own unique event that will inspire your community to support the fight against prostate cancer.

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Looking for inspiration?
Check out some of the creative and inspiring events that have been held in support of the Foundation.

Some tips for organising your event
Organising an event can be daunting when you first start, we’ve put together 7 simple steps that will help you get started and make your fundraising event a success.

1. Decide on the event

Whether you’re organising a golf day, arranging a fun run or bike ride, the list is endless. Think about what best suits you, what you enjoy doing. You could draft a few ideas and put it out there with your friends and networks for feedback. Click here for the A-Z on fundraising ideas.

2. Budgeting

Now you’ve decided on your event you’ll need to think about getting a team of volunteers to assist you, start by allocating each volunteer a task,  some topics below to help get you started. Give yourself plenty of time to organise your event, including the likes of printing costs, catering, entertainment, venue hire, advertising, and health & safety requirements.

3. Publicity and promote

A sure way to a successful event is to get some publicity on board, start by contacting your local paper or radio station, distribute flyers and posters around the community. Celebrities can help, ask around your friends and community to find someone who can host the event. A few tips below on ways to promote your event.

  • Create your own event fundraising page – Click the link, it’s easy! Your Own Fundraising Page
  • Social Media: Create a Facebook page/event, post to Instagram or Neighbourly and get your friends and family to help spread the word. Don’t forget to tag or share with us so we can share it. Our social links are on the top banner of this website.
  • Posters and flyers – get your team to distribute these around the local community.
  • Radio and Newspapers – Contact your local media who might be interested in local events, and most radio stations run free community notices.

4. Money

Once you’ve created your fundraising page don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask people to also donate to your page – your friends, family and wider networks. They’ll think what you’re doing is great so ask them for help. You could lead by example by donating to your page, which will motivate others to give too and it shows them how much you care. Make sure you let people know ways they can donate, ask local businesses to be part of your event and offer contributions. Let people know how they can donate, such as bank transfer or donating to your page, or directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation on our donation page.

5. Thank-you and share

After the event remember to say thank-you to all the people that helped and share photos and stories of the journey.

6. Fun

This one is really simple step, HAVE FUN!

7. Event proceeds

Once you have finished your event, please bank the proceeds into the Foundation’s account: ASB Bank 12 3031 0184117 00, once you’ve completed the project release form you will be given a unique code, please use this code when depositing funds.

Please remember to let us know about any events you are organising. We can help promote it through our website and offer support in so many other ways.