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Prostate Cancer Foundation Brochures

Our latest brochures are now available, individually or in a set of four. Click on any of the images below to view / download the collateral shown here. If you would like us to send you hard copies please call us on 0800 477 678 or email

A guide to help you make informed decisions about your health. Print-friendly single page PDF with questions and note pages.


This poster is available in both A4 and A3. Please email us to order hard copy, or download the A4 PDF or A3 PDF.



Please note: Links to external providers or book print status may change without notice. If you have any questions on the books listed below or would like to order a book available from the Prostate Cancer Foundation please call us on 0800 477 678 or email  to place your order.

What women and thier men need to know book

 What women & their men need to know about prostate cancer by Irena Madjar

This book was written to help women (and the men they care about) become more informed about prostate health, prostate tests, and prostate cancer, and to help them decide what action, if any, to take. If you are a woman, or a man, with someone you care about who has recently undergone tests or been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and do not know a great deal about the disease, then this book is a good starting point. This is available from the Prostate Cancer Foundation for $20.00 


We've Lost My Prostate Mate...Alan WhiteWe’ve Lost My Prostate, Mate!…and life goes on

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer once in a lifetime is enough. In 2011, Alan White was facing a second round with this life-threatening disease. Alan’s years of experience as a natural health practitioner and counsellor helped him, and his wife Fiona, to make the choice that no man really no man wants to make – surgical removal of the prostate gland – and to recover, physically and emotionally. In this practical survival guide Alan shares his story and discoveries, including the things not usually discussed – sex after surgery, giant incontinence pads and how to wrangle your overnight urine bag. Fiona adds her tips for partners of men facing prostate cancer. Available from the Prostate Zone.  


Blasted by seeds coverBlasted by Seeds
one man’s account of diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer through low dose rate brachytherapy.
By Tom McGrath. This book is now sold out, however copies are available via NZ Libraries.





Grumpy Old Men by Paul Little

Paul Little has published this charming little book on “47 blokes, who’ve been around long enough to know, tell you what’s wrong with the world…” and is donating a percentage of sales to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation. $34.95 from