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Prostate News

Time for Decisive Action on Prostate Cancer

QUESTIONS TO ASK CANDIDATES FOR ELECTION TO PARLIAMENT 2017 Introduction Every three years we have the opportunity to ask those standing for Parliament questions, but also to inform them about issues that concern us. The Foundation Board suggests that you read this document and then convert it into letters, or emails to Parliamentary candidates to…

Sparky’s Bright Idea

Many hands may make light work but, when it comes to wiring a house, plenty of solo electricians have found themselves between a roof and a dangerous place. Fortunately, there could be light at the end of this particular tunnel thanks to an innovative Aucklander. Tony Bull is on a mission; a mission to ensure…

Blue September Kicks Off

This year’s Blue September campaign revolves around community fundraising events called Blue Do’s with TV personality Jason Gunn fronting our ads. The idea behind a Blue Do is that it’s a fundraising social event for prostate cancer. It can be an office morning tea or after work drinks. It could be a bake sale or a fishing trip….