Prostate News

A message from Stephen Fry

British media personality Stephen Fry was recently diagnosed with, and treated for, prostate cancer. We invite you to watch this video in which he shares his journey. Click here to view the video.

Cancer survival rates much higher for Australians than Kiwis

Progress against cancer has stalled, the Cancer Society says. The Cancer Society says 2500 more New Zealanders would have survived cancer if they had lived in Australia. It’s calling for major changes to cancer planning and co-ordination in New Zealand, based on the findings of a new international study published in the Lancet medical journal…

How Effective is Viagra?

The NZ Herald recently published a good article on Viagra as it is now 20 years since its introduction. Click on link to view article. We are beginning an advocacy programme to seek to have this funded for prostate cancer patients and would like to hear of the experiences of men using it both before…