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Prostate News

Ex-Med Cancer: prescribing exercise, the cancer wonder-drug

Regular exercise could be considered a wonder-drug for cancer patients. Research shows it eases side effects from treatment, lower people’s relative risk of having a recurrence and, in fact, lowers their risk of dying from cancer. Despite this, most people with cancer don’t exercise regularly and exercise isn’t prescribed as part of routine cancer care….

Team ENZED Abarth Racing For Prostate Cancer Awareness

In June last year, the best known Kiwi tarmac rally team, Team ENZED Abarth, received some life-changing news. “I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer “ said team owner Mike Lowe “but thankfully due to my regular blood tests for PSA, it was discovered early. This allowed for immediate intervention and now I can happily say…

Give prostate cancer the finger! (in 8 languages)

The statistics: It’s Blue September – Prostate Cancer awareness month. One man every three hours will be diagnosed with prostate cancer; that’s eight every day and 3000 every year. 600 men will die annually from what is the number one male cancer in this country. The message of the campaign is that early detection saves lives…

Prostate cancer patients face wildly varying wait times

Some prostate cancer patients around the country are waiting up to four or five months for surgery, according to official information. Official information from 14 of 20 DHBs shows that prostate cancer patients nationwide face wildly varying wait times, with some district health boards (DHBs) struggling to find surgeons. The longest wait was at the…