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The Foundation support a variety of research projects relating to prostate cancer with a focus on applied research in the medical fields of diagnosis, treatment and the social sciences of support and care. Research projects currently underway are:

Dr Remy Lim, a Radiologist at Mercy Radiology in Auckland is leading a team looking at the use of the new PSMA PET/CT scanning procedure in pre-operative staging of high risk patients. They are researching how this test could potentially change the management or alter surgical approach to men with potential metastatic disease and correlating PET findings with resected nodal specimens. This is a significant research project as there has not been research on this in New Zealand as the equipment was only recently installed in late 2015. Update: Research completed, awaiting publication in The New Zealand Medical Journal.

New Zealand Urological Nurses Society, for the development of a training programme for the upskilling of urological nurses, with a view to providing consistent treatment across the country.

To apply for a research grant please email the CEO Peter Dickens before 30 November.

Summaries of research supported by the Foundation can be found here when available.

Research Summaries

Research Grant Applications Open

At the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ, we have a proud history of supporting innovative research projects that seek to improve clinical outcomes, further our knowledge of prostate and testicular cancer, inform approaches to high quality support for those affected and assist us to advocate towards making a positive difference in Aotearoa New Zealand. We’re…

Medicinal Cannabis Research – Participants Invited

Dr Karen Oldfield is a PhD candidate at the Victoria University of Wellington and a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand who is looking at the use of cannabis as a medicine in NZ.  If you are interested in helping with this research, please continue reading below. “Medical cannabis…

Communication networks of men facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer

This study seeks to identify the factors that shape the communication networks of men on a prostate biopsy waiting list and find out how these factors relate to their disclosure about their changing health status. Men facing a potential diagnosis of prostate cancer are in a challenging situation; the benefits of disclosing their changing health…