Study Grants

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ has a proud history of assisting health professionals and allied practitioners to further their knowledge to improve the lives of men and those around them in Aotearoa New Zealand affected by male specific cancers.

This grant is for individuals who are NZ citizens or permanent residents who have already gained a formal qualification and who are about to further their training or study.  The Foundation is willing to take a broad view on the qualifying criteria for this; for instance applications for assistance to attend conferences and symposia will be considered.

The charity is open to receive applications for the Study Grant year-round and aims to return decisions on applications within 60 days of receiving them.

What applicants for a Study Grant must show is that the study or training is in the field of male specific cancers and that they are able to demonstrate a proven interest and prior context of study or work in this field. The applicant must also have a sound academic and/or career record.

The charity will give preference to:

  • Nursing staff wishing to specialise in urology
  • Urology or oncology staff wishing to continue training in the area of male specific cancers
  • Psychological and psychosocial staff wishing to train in the support of male specific cancers patients
  • Attendance at an internationally recognised conferences with the majority of the event being focused on male specific cancers
  • A period of study at a medical institution that has specialist skill sets not found in New Zealand

Funding Level

The charity will consider applications for up to a maximum of $10,000. Applicants are expected to give a budget outline broadly detailing how the funding will be used to support the course of study, (e.g. fees, textbooks, equipment).  Applicants also have the opportunity to write a justification for the level of funding and/or specifically budgeted items and are encouraged to take this opportunity.

Study Time Frame

It is expected that

  • the course of study will be undertaken as full time study and be completed within the host institution’s expected time frame or for a set period, or
  • a visiting study assignment (eg conference or overseas appointment) will completed within a defined period


Applicants are expected to provide the name and contact details of three people who will act as referees to support the application.   Such referees should have sufficient knowledge of academic or work history to date to enable them to verify suitability for the scholarship.  At least two of these referees may be contacted by PCFNZ if the application is advanced through the process. Please note that if referees have not responded to the PCFNZ’s request for further information within 14 days of being contacted, the application will lapse. We recommend applicants contact their referees to ensure their timely response to requests from the PCFNZ.

Application assessment

The Foundation is open to receive applications all year round and the Foundation will make every effort to provide a decision on applications within 60 days of receipt.

Applications are assessed in the first instance by the Chief Executive, who then provide a recommendation to the PCFNZ Board, who make the final decision on all applications. Please note that members of the PCFNZ Board cannot enter into correspondence or any communication with applicants regarding any application. Please direct all enquiries and correspondence to the Chief Executive of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ.

Notwithstanding the guidance given here, all decisions relating to the award or otherwise of any grant are at the complete and sole discretion of the PCFNZ Board.

Ready to go ahead? 

If you would like more information please contact the PCFNZ Chief Executive at otherwise please complete and submit the following information to receive your application form.