Leave A Lasting Legacy

“Thank you for the work that you do to help out those in need. I just hope that my small donation will make a difference to someone out there, a family who is going through hard times, an individual who is confused and asking “why me?” Thank you again for the work you do.” – Ashmita, Auckland.

“My Dad is a survivor of prostate cancer and I wish to support and help the foundation so that other sons and daughters can have their Dad’s around a little longer too. Thank you for everything you do.” – Conor, Hamilton.

How You Can Help

Bequests and legacies are one way in which supporters can make a huge impact on our ability to continue our important work in to the future, helping support men and their families living with the outcomes and effects of prostate cancer, and improving outcomes for future generations through research, advocacy, education and awareness.

As you consider including the Prostate Cancer Foundation in your Will, you may find it helpful to think about the following:

  • When considering a bequest we encourage you to first take care of family and other loved ones.
  • If you don’t have a Will, we respectfully advice you to contact your legal advisor, to ensure your wishes are correctly and legally stated.
  • If you already have a Will, including a bequest to the Foundation is straight forward. Simply ask your legal advisor to add a codicil to your existing Will.
  • Your gift can be made in any of several ways – a specified amount of money, a percentage of the residue value of your estate, or of a particular item (s) such as property or shares.
  • No gift is too small and you can be sure that it will be used wisely to benefit future generations of Kiwi men.

If you are interested in discussing leaving a bequest to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and would like someone to contact you, please email us or call 09 4152407.

Need more information? Visit the Public Trust or contact your Legal Advisor.