Research Grants

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ (PCFNZ) has a proud history of supporting innovative research projects that seek to improve clinical outcomes, further our knowledge of prostate or testicular cancer, inform approaches to high quality support for those affected and assist us to advocate towards eliminating death and suffering from prostate and testicular cancer in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Research Objectives

We receive applications once a year, they must arrive at the Foundation no later than 30 June.

Applications must make clear how the project meets the following criteria:

  • The project is New Zealand medical and scientific research into prostate cancer, other prostate-related illnesses, or testicular cancer; and
  • Will be conducted by appropriately qualified medical professionals and related specialists focusing on prostate and/or testicular cancer, or other prostate-related illnesses;
  • Will aim to contribute or result in advances in detection, diagnosis and/or treatment of prostate cancer or testicular cancer, or in the wider support of men and those close to them who are affected; and/or
  • Assist the charity and other organisations and individuals make submissions to public inquiries and investigations into prostate cancer, other prostate-related illnesses, and male-specific cancers such that a positive impact on the lives of men, and those close to them, who are affected by these cancers can result.

Who Can Apply

Applications will be accepted from Principal Researchers operating under the auspices of an Administering Organisation.

Both Researchers and Organisations will need to cite evidence of their qualifications and track record in the management, conduct and reporting of high quality research of the kind outlined in their application. Organisations will need to show that they are of good standing in their field and operate to professional management and accounting standards.

Grants will only be disbursed into the bank account of an approved Administering Organisation. Funding requests for grants into personal accounts will not be accepted. The Administering Organisation must administer all expenditure relating to the approved grant and keep verifiable records sufficient to fully account to the charity for such expenditure.

Project Period 

In general, the preference for the Foundation is that project work should be complete, and preliminary results or outcomes of the funded research should be available to the charity by 31 December of the year following the award of a grant. Please ensure your timeframes for reporting are made clear within your application and discuss any predicted variation from this with us prior to submitting your application.


Information contained in applications is regarded as in-confidence unless otherwise stated and will be received and treated as such by PCFNZ. Information comprising the names of successful researchers and their Administering Organisations, together with the title of the research project and the funding awarded are published in PCFNZ’s Annual Report and on their [this] website. We may also release information about the area(s) of research of the grant and a brief description of the grant provided by the applicant in response to the question on the application form designated as Media Summary.

In general, we will publish the following information in various communications for all successful grants:

  • Principal Researcher
  • Administering Organisation
  • Type of grant
  • Type of project
  • Media summary
  • The Principal Researcher’s photograph and biography
  • Any news regarding the progress of the project.

Application Assessment 

Applications are assessed by the charity’s Medical Research Committee, who then provide a recommendation to the PCFNZ Board, who make the final decision on all applications. Please note that neither the Medical Research Committee members, nor the members of the Board can enter into any correspondence or communication with applicants regarding any application. Please direct all enquiries and correspondence to the PCFNZ Chief Executive.

Notwithstanding the guidance given here and recommendations by the Medical Research Committee, all decisions relating to the award or otherwise of any grant are at the complete and sole discretion of the PCFNZ Board.

Outcome of Application

PCFNZ will advise applicants directly with a Notice of Grant of the outcome of the application as early as possible following approval by the PCFNZ Board in August.

Ready to go ahead? 

If you would like more information please contact the PCFNZ Chief Executive at otherwise please complete and submit the following information to receive your application form.