Welfare Grants


At the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ we understand that a diagnosis of prostate, or testicular, cancer can place a considerable financial burden on not only the person diagnosed, but their families, including loss of income and additional costs associated with the consequences of treatment. To assist patients and their families who are experiencing hardship related to their treatment for prostate or testicular cancer, we provide assistance through our Welfare Grants Fund.

If you are seeking assistance for counselling for emotional distress, please visit prostate.org.nz/counselling-service/ for information on how to access our free dedicated Counselling Service.

Please read the following guidance carefully, provide the information requested in the form as fully as possible and return by post to Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ, PO Box 301313 Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand. You can also scan and email your application to: ceo@prostate.org.nz

The Prostate Cancer Foundation Welfare Grant provides:

  • Assistance typically of an emergency nature where we pay a third party to cover bills or source essential goods and/or services on behalf of an applicant, usually on a one-off basis. We do not generally make cash grants direct to individuals.
  • Assistance relative to the provision or procurement of services additional to the treatment of the applicant’s cancer and for post-treatment requirements.
  • Assistance related to the provision or procurement of services for pastoral care such as transportation and accommodation costs, access to specialized equipment and/or services. Partners and family/whanau may be included.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Grants are not available for medical treatments, medications or associated services provided by medical professionals (except physiotherapy through Pinc & Steel).
  2. Applicants must include a letter or email including full return contact details from a healthcare practitioner confirming your date of diagnosis, name of the consulting specialist and where it was made.
  3. The minimum grant is $100 and the charity will grant up to a maximum of $500 per person in any calendar year.
  4. The fund will not usually reimburse individuals retrospectively for expenses already incurred.
  5. A WORD version of this application is available This hard copy form must be signed. Please include as much supporting documentation (such as quotes, receipts etc.) as possible for the services or equipment. PCFNZ reserves the right to decline to provide the grant to a provider and/or request that an alternative provider for goods or services be used.
  6. Applications are processed as they are received. We endeavour to provide grant decisions to applicants within 4 to 6 weeks, but it is possible you will receive a response earlier than this. Please note on your application if your need for assistance is particularly time sensitive.
  7. When approved, grants will be paid directly to the service provider on receipt of their invoice; or where reimbursement has been approved, to the applicant where they have made payment direct subject to the provision of a receipt confirming payment has been made and containing the details of the service/equipment provided.
  8. Grants for travel (private vehicle mileage) will be paid by MTA (or similar) gift card.
  9. Notwithstanding the criteria outlined here, please note that the charity is not obliged to approve any application and all grants are made at the complete discretion of the charity’s Board and its Advisory Committee.

The Fund is supported by the Dry July NZ Trust.

Apply for the Grant

Applications can be made online via the link below. If you prefer to complete a WORD version of the application form, you will find one at the link below. Copies of this document are also available on request from the National Office - phone 0800 477 678 or email info@prostate.org.nz.