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Our Mission

To provide an environment empowering men to make informed decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Throughout New Zealand, we offer peer support to men, and their families, who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and we actively promote awareness of this disease through community promotions, including our Blue September campaign month.

PCFA Ask The Experts Webcast

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) will be presenting their next Ask the Experts webcast – Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know on Wednesday 20 September 9.00pm NZST

Join the PCFA for this free, online Q&A webcast with a panel of leading health experts to answer your questions about prostate cancer – from risk factors and diagnosis through to treatment and management of side effects. This webcast will also explore how to navigate the different options presented after a diagnosis and the services available to men and their families. (Please note that not all options and services discussed may be available in New Zealand).

Registration is free, and all questions will be anonymous so if you have a tricky question about your situation that you have not been able to ask – here is your chance.

For further information and to register go to

Right To Be Tested

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has taken a keen interest in cases where doctors have discouraged or refused to test men despite being tests being requested by the patient. This follows from the tragic case of Graeme Pollard who was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer last year after being discouraged from tests by 2 GP’s despite asking for them.

So amid all the debate about prostate PSA tests, we are encouraged to see a doctor make the argument for and support the right of men to be tested if they so wish, and then make their own informed decisions based on the information from their tests. “Dr Tom: It’s my prostate and I want it checked, thank you”

Latest News

Give prostate cancer the finger! (in 8 languages)

The statistics: It’s Blue September – Prostate Cancer awareness month. One man every three hours will be diagnosed with prostate cancer; that’s eight every day and 3000 every year. 600 men will die annually from what is the number one male cancer in this country. The message of the campaign is that early detection saves lives…

Prostate cancer patients face wildly varying wait times

Some prostate cancer patients around the country are waiting up to four or five months for surgery, according to official information. Official information from 14 of 20 DHBs shows that prostate cancer patients nationwide face wildly varying wait times, with some district health boards (DHBs) struggling to find surgeons. The longest wait was at the…